ceiling tub filler
Humboldt Home
Our homes reflect who we are.  We live in a Society that is chaotic and often overwhelming and we need our homes to be a safe haven where we can breath, find peace and recharge.  I learned in my early 20's living in Germany how to take care of this beautiful Earth we have been given and misused.  I learned to compost, recycle, re-use and repurpose things that most would throw away.  I learned conscious use of utilities and so much more.  I was conscious of my carbon footprint before the term was used.  I have lived off the Grid and prefer my homes to be on large pieces of property high on a hill, surrounded by tall trees with water running nearby.   My natural ability for creating beautiful spaces and my solid, yet ever increasing knowledge of conscious living has segued in to Earth in Mind Design:  Smart, Sustainable one of a kind Design done with the Earth in mind.  
Earth in Mind Design
Mission Statement
Most of my homes I can repurpose a portion of the existing furnishings.  These pieces here were in pretty bad shape.  Sanding, restaining and have the cushions recovered created the look I wanted to incorporate with the other Meditarrean style elements.
This gorgeous tub is energy saving.  The 20 small jets use water that circulates through the heating element and keeps the same water warm for up to four hours.  The overhead tub filler is configured so the water falls into the tub in a circular manner which allows the tub to fill without water splashing out onto the floor.