A B O U T  E A R T H  I N  M I N D


Earth in Mind Design, is about all things Green and Eco-friendly. It all began in the 80's in Napa Valley. I had returned from living in Germany for two years, where I learned about the growing of grapes and wine production.  That combined with a natural affinity for form and space gave me the ability to Design and open four Tasting Rooms in ten years. They were all small yield Grower/Producers that wanted their own Space to showcase and sell their Product.

The 90's found me back home in Mendocino. I was hired to be the Retail Buyer and Merchandiser for Fetzer Vineyards' Tasting Room in downtown Mendocino.  Some years later, I was asked to Design and open a Tasting Room for a long time Vintner in Anderson Valley. He was ready to sell directly to consumer. I also hired and trained Staff, did the Business Plan, and handled all outside Sales of wine to local Restaurants and Stores. We were so successful, the first year, he and two other local Vintners decided to build a new Tasting Room that all three would share.  I was brought on to do the Design of the interior, hire and train staff, do sales projections, create a wine related retail presence and manage the Tasting Room after opening.  

In 2001, right after 9/11, I went farther north to Humboldt County. It was time to be with Family and it was time for Earth in Mind Design.  For the last 18 years, I have Designed Medical Offices to Car Dealerships, Residential and Commercial Spaces, and I love it all.  I not only change Spaces, I change how people live their lives. Its never been more important than now, that we make sure our children are breathing the cleanest air possible.  No toxic off gassing from carpet binders, no mold under layers of old flooring.  I only purchase and do business with companies with the same mindful outlook and practices that I strive for.  I use three R's religiously: RE-purpose, RE-use, and RE-cycle. What can't be reused, or repurposed, will be disposed of thoughtfully.
In the future, I hope, Earth in Mind Design will continue to help people live their best Life, in homes and workplaces, that are not only unique and beautiful, but healthy as well.  I want to help more people live a Permaculture Lifestyle. Living off Grid, in harmony with the weather, plant and animal life, that is there now or was there before.  Eating food that you either grew, or raised.  Rewilding of insects, animals and plant life that was once there, but has been eradicated over the years. I lived off Grid and those years were some of the happiest and most fulfilled of my Life.  Permacultures take patience and years to get right.  Once you get it right, its a beautiful Life.  One, I believe, we were meant to live.  

Whether you want to start a five acre Permaculture or just buy the best non-toxic paint out there; think about letting Earth in Mind Design, help you.  I promise, you will be glad you did.