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"I was getting frustrated with high Contractor bids to re-do my Ranch Style home and then I met Denise: she gave me a bid 1/10th less than the others. She has done two of my Family Homes to date and they both are beautiful.  She is generous with her knowledge; I have learned so much from her.  She is truly remarkable at what she does; tell her what you want and let her will not be disappointed." 

-Yvonne Wahlund 707-599-5950
"I knew that I wanted a comfortable, yet professional feel for my Clients when in 2007 I opened my Medical Practice in a Craftsman Home.  Denise was instrumental in the transformation from private home to "office".  I would most definitely hire her again." 

-Dr. Teresa Marshall   

" I was looking for someone to Design a large re-model for my home and do it with green materials.  Denise was the answer.  From her first visit she assured me that she could envision what my Dream Home looked like.  She shared so much of herself: working creatively and tirelessly to create the metamorphous of my home.  The result is a strikingly beautiful home that has changed how I live my Life.  Denise was also the Project Manager on the Job: she handled the many contractors and other workers with ease and grace."  

-Susan Dobie, Retired Educator  707-839-3307
" I am extremely familiar with Denise's Design work: I have seen many of her Remodels and Staging's.  She is excellent with color and spatial planning. She is creative and keeps abreast of all the new and innovative trends in her field.  We are lucky to have someone of her caliber working in our area.  I highly recommend her for all your Design needs. 

-Charlie Jordon, Local Business Owner, 707-616-5911
" I have hired Denise on numerous occasions to help my Clients get their Properties Buyer Ready.  She adds color, defines space and creates a "Lifestyle" with her spot on Staging skills.  I have also seen a number of her remodels and in this area, Denise is by far the most inventive and creative when it comes to renovations on a budget.   Her commitment to the Environment and  Sustainable living practices always enhances the end result.  

-Joanie Frederick, Broker, Owner, Azalea Reality  707-839-4400
"Denise has hired me to be the Painting Contractor on several of her remodels.  I am always amazed how much she knows about color and what it can do.......I have seen her want to duplicate a color she may have seen in a magazine or somewhere else with no pigment breakdown..  She is able by some crazy innate ability to mix a little of this, a bit of that and duplicate the color she wants; exactly.   Forget the computer that matches color by scan, she doesn't need it."

-Art Blanchard, Painting Contractor